Live Healthy for Today

A post appeared on Facebook recently which was a statement made by a young and popular entertainment personality. He was telling the story about a family member, his mother, who just found out she had cancer.  She had apparently lived her entire life eating healthy, exercising, being very cautious about everything she did in order to live a healthy life. Then after years of striving to be as healthy as she could be, BAM — she was told she had cancer. The popular entertainer stated his father, on the other hand, did not live a healthy life. He ate what he wanted, did what he wanted, never worried about exercising, and never worried about getting sick. He apparently was healthy as a horse. The young man said his mom decided she should have lived the life she wanted, ate all the delicious foods she deprived herself from, and should not have bothered with being healthy because she got cancer anyway.  Many people on Facebook jumped on the band wagon and stated similar views: Eat what you want, do what you want, because living a healthy life apparently does you no good anyway.

So what’s the real story? Does living a healthy life really help a person live longer? And what’s the use of striving to eat healthy foods and exercise and take precautions when the chances of getting cancer or some other fatal disease will knock on your door without any consideration of your efforts.

It is true that some people seem to live a long life and stay healthy even when they don’t bother with eating healthy or trying to stay healthy. It just happens to them without any effort. Then there are those who work so hard at being healthy, and they get sick anyway. This doesn’t seem to be fair does it?

My own personal reason for living healthy isn’t necessarily to live to be over 100 or to keep from getting cancer or some other dreaded illness in the future. My reason for living healthy is because it makes me feel good. When I eat the foods we all love and don’t bother to eat my veggies, I basically just feel tired and run down. And I’ve noticed the older I get, the more so this is true. When I’m on the run and end up eating burgers, fries and other fast food my body takes a toll, and I can feel it. I have less energy and less enthusiasm for life in general. So I eat healthy foods in order to have energy, keep my weight down, and enjoy life more.

Exercise isn’t something I do to keep the cancer away, or to keep from getting heart disease. I walk my dog every day because, number one he insists on it, and also because it is enjoyable and makes me feel good.

So I think people should not worry about getting cancer, heart disease or other diseases so much that it affects their current behavior. I’ll be posting more about that another day. Because what we think about definitely affects our subconscious and our health.

I think we should eat healthy, exercise, and try to live a healthy life because of what it does for us TODAY and in the short term, not so much what it will keep away from us in the distant future.  “Live well today and don’t worry about tomorrow. Let tomorrow take care of itself.”